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Draga Guerrilla, Sunt Miky si impreuna cu Werner si Adi am creat platforma Hire Up. In acte: Mihaela Nedelcu, Adrian Ionut Floarea si Werner Alin Novak. Cine suntem? Am fost comparati cu un trio intalnit intr-un sitcom britanic - “The IT Crowd”. Singura diferenta este ca in realitate eu am parul cret si ei nu. :) Suntem trei oameni care au lucrat in diverse ocazii si formule impreuna, in domeniul IT. Ei au pregatire tehnica, eu sunt priceputa pe zonele de HR (mai ales recrutare) si sales. Am ales sa facem echipa pentru a oferi o solutie la problema deficitului de personal cu care se confrunta Romania. Mai jos puteti gasi textele pe care le-am pregatit pentru site-ul nostru (sunt in engleza). Why Hire Up? We aspire to be the preferred recruitment platform for both companies and candidates, by transforming the way they connect. Hire Up is about connecting the right people with the right jobs via personal networks. We enable everyone to be a matchmaker in a platform that rewards successful referrals. In-house recruiting teams benefit of limited time and resources, while the recruitment market faces a continuous transformation - mostly because of technology disruptions and the scarcity of specialized people. As the recruitment market is continuously transforming, finding the right people to hire proves to be quite a challenge. According to research, Romania occupies the third place in the world when it comes to talent shortages. As much as 72% percent of the employers interviewed mentioned they have difficulties filling their open roles. Traditional models just don’t work anymore. We need to rewrite the rules. Our solution We created a space where the people who surround you can recommend you for an open role. Why? Simply because your friends, family, fellow workers, your tribe, are the ones who know you best. They know what you’re good at and what you would like to do next. It is no longer about fishing for candidates. It is about matching people with opportunities - simply connecting the dots! How does it work? 1) Companies post their job openings in our platform and set a financial reward for whomever may help them achieve successful hires, whether they work for their company or not. 2) Platform users then see the job openings and submit recommendations: contacts of people in their network who they consider fit for the job. 3) Once such a referred candidate gets hired, the person who recommended him/her will receive the eternal appreciation from their buddy and on top, the financial reward (paid by the the company). Hire Up, because of making it all possible, receives its share, of course. It pays to know someone!
A.D. Guerrilla Camp

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